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St. Johannes Strategic Plan

In accordance with St. Johannes’ Constitution, St. Johannes Church Council began the process of formulating a strategic plan for the church on February 4, 2012.

The purpose of the strategic planning process, as set forth in the Constitution, was to “lead this congregation in stating its mission, to do long-range planning, to set goals and priorities and to evaluate its activities in light of its mission and goals.”

After many hours of discussion and work, Council has formulated the St. Johannes Strategic Plan as follows:

St. Johannes VISION

The St. Johannes vision of our church and church family is designed to become the foundation for our day-to-day decisions. The vision represents what we will achieve in the next two to three years. Our vision is designed to provide direction and inspiration for our congregation as we begin on this journey.

  • St. Johannes' Vision - A FULL Church on Sunday!

  • St. Johannes VALUES

    St. Johannes’ values define how we view our relationships with our congregation, our neighbors, and the larger Church family. These values add structure and clarity in our day-to-day decisions and are the foundation for how we interact with each other in our congregation and how we present ourselves to our neighbors and the community at large.

  • At the center of St. Johannes’ values is Communion with God.
  • Surrounding this pervasive value are...

    Open-mindedness; Compassion; Commitment; Faith & Tolerance; Quality of Worship; and Service to Community.

    St. Johannes MISSION

    St. Johannes’ mission statement communicates the direction and objectives of St. Johannes in support of our mission.

  • As a Family of Faith, we strive to provide sacred worship, space for silence, service to the community, commitment to tolerance and inclusive love, that all people who come here may discover the Heart of God in the Heart of the City.


    In support of our vision; in furtherance of our mission; and guided by our values, St. Johannes has begun execution of a strategic plan that accomplishes our objectives of growing our congregational membership, stabilizing our financial situation, resolving our property concerns, and increasing diversity within the congregation.

    Seven critical goal categories have been established in order to meet these objectives. Each critical goal category has been assigned a leader who has accepted accountability for executing the plans within each category. With that said, the success of the strategic plan and execution of the critical goal categories that formulate the basis for the strategic plan depends largely on the active involvement of the St. Johannes congregation at large.

    Our strategic plan is bold and far reaching, and respects and builds upon the rich history of our Church, as we have been guided by the universal rule that we will never be greater than the vision that guides us. Congregational support and participation will allow St. Johannes to fulfill our vision.

    The seven critical goal categories are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-driven (SMART). These goals are as follows:

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    1. Increase our St. Johannes Membership

    Increase our St. Johannes Membership

    2. Enhance St. Johannes’ Financial Soundness

    Enhance our Financial Soundness

    3. Renovate our Property and Grounds

    Renovate our Property and Grounds

    4. Expand our Spiritual Programs

    Expand our Spiritual Programs

    5. Increase our Outreach Opportunities and Participation

    Increase our Outreach Opportunities and Participation

    6. Strengthen our Relationship with the Ansonborough Neighborhood

    Strengthen our Relationship with the Ansonborough Neighborhoodn

    7. Increase the Diversity of our Congregation

    Increase the Diversity of our Congregation

    We invite you to become involved in this very exciting process at St. Johannes!!

    Strategic Plan Updates

    November 2013 Update

    To view the overview of our Strategic Plan in "Slide-Show" format as Marc Williams presented it to the congregation, please click on the link below:

    St. Johannes Strategic Plan