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Occasional Worship Services

At various times throughout the year, we hold Occasional Worship Services. These services include more non-traditional music and instrumentation, which may include piano, synthesizer, acoustic/electric guitars, bass guitar, percussion, etc. A brief yet poignant homily is given by the presiding pastor or lay leader, and the Sacraments of Holy Communion are offered.

Prior to the Occasional Services being held, they will be announced during Sunday morning worship services, in the monthly church Newsletter, and online.

Gathering Service

A perfect example of one of our Occasional Services is our "Gathering Service." In the past, this brief Sunday evening service was held in Gatch Hall. Many non-member musicians selflessly offered their time and talents! And alas, there was a very palatable anointing of the Holy Spirit on that particular service.

We definitely hope to be able to offer our Gathering Service once again in the very near future as one of our Occasional Services, as we infuse many different styles of music into our worship here at St. Johannes!