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The Restoration of St. Johannes

On the corner of Anson and Hasell streets stands one of the architectural gems of downtown Charleston. Built in 1841, the cornerstone, written in German, declares "those planted in the house of the Lord will flourish in the courts of the Lord and will be green and bear fruit." Over the years, countless people have heard the gospel in this place and have been part of this community of faith.

St. Johannes continues to be a vibrant community. Our mission statement declares: "St. Johannes Lutheran Church, located in the historic Ansonborough district of downtown Charleston, South Carolina, is a Family of Faith. We strive to provide sacred worship, space for silence, service to the community, commitment to tolerance and inclusive love, that all people who come here may discover the Heart of God in the Heart of the City." Our traditional Lutheran worship and music are exceptional for a parish of our size. Our parish works diligently to provide resources for the ministry to which we are called.

Yet, time has taken its toll on the buildings that comprise our parish. On faith, the congregation agreed several years ago to borrow funds for critical repairs both to the church roof and the sagging piazzas on our adjoining historic parsonage, which was purchased by the church in 1920.

And God answered our prayers. In 2010, the church received an unprecedented bequest from the estate of Marguerite Alberta Thiele, a former member who never forgot her family's involvement in St. Johannes. That bequest not only allowed the church to repay the loan but to begin work on many long-delayed projects, including the rewiring of the church property. Unfortunately, new property challenges, including termite damage on the flooring leading to and within the Taize chapel, along with the badly needed restoration of the parsonage, have presented themselves. The needed work is expected to exceed the generous Thiele bequest.

We are appealing to the friends of St. Johannes, whose lives or families have been touched by this ministry over the years, for help in maintaining the heritage we have received. Please consider making a contribution towards the restoration and preservation of this little "jewel" of a church so that in the years to come this parish will be as vital to others as it is to us and was to those who have gone before us. Such a gift would be a perfect way to remember a special friend or relative.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and to give you a tour of the premises. Please feel free to contact the Church Office or any member of the Church Council (see our Staff page) for more information.