What are the rental guidelines?
The Parsonage in Charleston may be rented by the week for church related purposes – weddings, renewal of vows are examples. The Parsonage in Charleston is primarily a unique wedding venue that would allow the bride, or groom, to use this historic property for lodging and entertainment during the wedding week. It also may be rented by the month.

How many people will it accommodate for lodging?
The Parsonage in Charleston is approximately 3,800 square feet and includes three bedrooms.

Can the bride be married in The Parsonage in Charleston?
Yes. The Parsonage in Charleston garden also is a lovely, possible setting.

Can the bride have luncheons and other catered events, including a reception, in
The Parsonage in Charleston?
Yes. The stunning lower piazza and the English-style garden are perfect for a bridesmaid luncheon and/or receptions. The Parsonage in Charleston is an elegant setting for a rehearsal dinner. In all instances, an event coordinator is required.

Is there concierge service available?
Yes. Our wedding communications director can provide that service.

Is maid service available?
Maid service is the responsibility of the renter. Our Parsonage-Wedding Director would be happy to recommend. The Parsonage in Charleston has a washer and dryer.

What about linens?
The Parsonage in Charleston beds are fully dressed with extra linens available. Towels and other toilet items also are supplied.

What commercial establishments are nearby?
The Parsonage in Charleston is in the heart of the city and only a block from a major food store, Harris-Teeter, and the city Market. It is a few blocks from major restaurants, historic sites and several carriage companies.

What about entertainment?
The Parsonage in Charleston is only four blocks from the new, multi-million dollar Gaillard Auditorium which has a full, diverse schedule of entertainment. It is equally close to the historic Dock Street Theatre and the Footlight Players Theater. Both the Dock Street and the Gaillard are major sites for events during the Spoleto Festival USA season, which runs from mid-May to early June. The Parsonage in Charleston is also a couple of blocks away from the historic Market and East Bay Street, where you will find a plethora of restaurants, taverns, shops, and bars.

Are smoking or lighted candles allowed on the premises?

Are alcoholic beverages allowed for receptions and other events?

May I bring my pet?
Pets are discouraged. However, special circumstances are open to discussion.

Is there space for my automobile?
The Parsonage in Charleston driveway can accommodate three vehicles. The church also owns an adjoining parking lot that can accommodate eight vehicles.

Are there times when The Parsonage is not available for wedding parties?
No. The holidays would only enhance The Parsonage in Charleston experience.

Other questions? Please contact:

Parsonage Manager: Whitney Sutphin
Email: parsonage-weddings@stjohanneschurch.org