Jean Rivas, Council President

August 2018

Dear Church Family at St. Johannes,

Historically our attendance and pledged giving goes down during the summer months and this year has been no exception.

As far as attendance goes this summer, some of us have been lucky enough to travel and have vacation time.  Some have had increased time and commitments added at work and some have had their work schedules completely changed.  I know some of you have had changes in health and mobility.  However, I know some of us have just gotten out of the habit of attending worship on Sundays.

If you haven’t attended in a while, you may have received phone calls from Pastor Alvin and other church members.  These are always done out of love and concern for you. We miss you and want you to remain part of our church family at St. Johannes.

Our pledged offerings are also very low.  This is money that was promised for our yearly budget.  If your financial situation has changed and you cannot sustain your pledge, we understand.  If you have just let your pledge slip because life is busy, please consider making it up.

Money that is pledged supports the day to day running and mission of the church – the General Fund.  While it is wonderful to give money to the music fund, outreach, restoration etc. this should be in addition to your pledge and not instead of your pledge.  The money given to these funds is restricted and cannot be used to pay the electricity bill to keep the lights on.

It is a blessing to belong to such a loving congregation as St Johannes and to have Pastor Alvin as our pastor.  Let us encourage each other in being the people of God at St. Johannes by praying for the church, giving of our time, talents, service and finances.  More importantly, let us encourage each other in attending worship.


Yours in Christ,

Jean Rivas