The Reverend Alvin Shrum, Pastor

Dear Family and Friends of St. Johannes!

As we continue living in the light of the Epiphany of Christ our Lord, I pray our witness will give life to our mission as a vibrant Christian Community of Jesus Christ that proclaims and extends His love to people everywhere.

As you look through the pages of this newsletter, you will see many examples of the ways we are trying to live out that mission. Our calendar is packed with worship events and ministry opportunities. We have an oyster roast on February 9th at the Waitschies’ home as a benefit to our wonderful and gifted organist and choir. We have a vibrant ministry to the Cadets at the Citadel and enjoy supporting them in meaningful ways while I serve as their Lutheran Campus Minister. Our Outreach Committee continues to support the Tricounty Family Ministries on the last Friday of each month.

And you know what? I believe the more active we are as ambassadors for Christ, the more blessings we will experience. Just look at our numerous activities and ministries that proclaim and extend God’s love to other people. Consider every Sunday’s worship opportunities. It is in this place that we hear God’s word read and proclaimed and we also praise Christ through liturgy and music, honor and appeal to God through prayers and intercessions, and are nurtured by his meal in sacrament of Holy Communion. So we are a vibrant Christian Community in many respects.

Our Christian fellowship and love for each other makes us a welcoming church where everyone is welcomed. But our task as disciples of Christ is not fulfilled. Our mission at St. Johannes continues with each of us and our witness beyond our beautiful and historic walls.

So ask yourself: What are some ways I can help St. Johannes live out its mission for Christ? What are some ways I can be more a part of this Christian Community?

Just one way to be involved is by attending worship and coming to other activities as you are able. Sunday morning is a good time to get back to worship if you have not been in a while. We will not ask interrogating questions but we will welcome you and share God’s peace! You see, it is in worship that we hear the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection and his victory over sin and death. We also have many opportunities to hear that story and live out the story of faith during the week, some of which you will find in our schedule activities and some in your own personal experience beyond St. Johannes.

And no less importantly, you can also be involved by praying for your pastor, each church leader, the church staff and each member of St. Johannes. We need God’s help to be faithful and courageous. And when physically possible, you can be involved by volunteering; please do not wait to be called upon. We are stronger as a community when we all work together and see ourselves vital members of God’s work on earth! Whether it is paying your pledge, offering a monetary gift, donating a bag of candy for children’s church, helping with or giving an item or two for outreach, helping with the potluck meal at the February 24th Congregational meeting, reading or ushering at a worship service or praying for someone in need… we need YOU to help make St. Johannes be that vibrant Christian Community that serves others and honors God! Please prayerfully consider the ways you can be a part of the ministry of St. Johannes. Your participation and service will make a difference!

God bless you and thank you for the work you already do to serve our Lord. Together, may we all come together to proclaim and extend Christ’s love in countless ways.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

With God’s blessings and peace to you, I am…

Pastor Alvin Shrum