Jean Rivas, Council President

November 2019

Listening Team Members Needed

St. Johannes and the SC Synod are entering a shared contract with consultant, Dr. Bill Mitcham, to provide
leadership for building a cooperative and supportive atmosphere to identify and resolve conflicts.
Dr. Mitcham has asked us to appoint a Listening Team comprised of seven members of St. Johannes. One
of those members needs to be a council member. Listening Team members should be
persons who have listening and conflict resolution skills.
The Listening Team will:

  • Provide a model of teamwork
  • Provide leadership to identify and address any present conflicts and other issues
  • To facilitate a process for surfacing issues that need to be resolved
  • To work with council in maintaining supportive relationships with the pastor and the staff
  • The Listening Team will continue to be a resource for the council

If you are interested in being on the Listening Team and can commit to two hours a month, please contact the church office at (843)722-8906 or send an e-mail to Thank you!