Lent 2020

On Ash Wednesday (February 26th), we began our forty-day journey toward Easter with a day of fasting and repentance. Marking our foreheads with dust, we acknowledge that we die and return to the earth. At the same time, the dust traces the life-giving cross indelibly marked on our foreheads at baptism. While we journey through Lent to return to God, we have already been reconciled to God through Christ. We humbly pray for God to make our hearts clean while we rejoice that “now is the day of salvation.” Returning to our baptismal call, we more intentionally bear the fruits of mercy and justice in the world.

Lutheran Campus Ministry at The Citadel

The Outreach Committee is looking for volunteers to prepare and serve a meal to our cadets involved in Lutheran Campus Ministry at The Citadel on Monday, March 23rd and Monday, April 27th. If you would be willing to help by preparing a main dish, side dish, or dessert – or perhaps willing to simply set up the meal and visit with the cadets, please contact Mary Lou Waitschies at either 843-224-3854 or waycheese@att.net. And MANY thanks to Amy Bifano and Andy Hogue for helping out in February!!!

Meet our Supply Pastors!

We are truly blessed to have two awesome supply pastors!

_____Pastor Steve Cooper________________Pastor Rich Donaghue

Pastoral Care

Please let us know if you or a member of your family are hospitalized or in need of pastoral care. You may contact us at the church office at (843) 722-8906. Or you can ask the hospital Chaplain to contact us. One of our supply pastors would love to be able to lift you up in prayer, provide a visit or help you in any way possible.

E-Blast Weekly Announcements

Each week St. Johannes sends out email announcements (E-Blasts) to all our parishioners who have signed up to receive them. If you wish something to be announced in E-Blast, please email our E-Blast editor / designer, Chuck Long, at clongteach@comcast.net no later than Wednesday at 12:00 pm. Also, if you have not signed up to receive the E-Blasts, please send an email request to office@stjohanneschurch.org. Chuck and assistant editor, Amy Bifano, have been working very hard to make these weekly email announcements interesting, informative, and …well, very COOL! Thanks Chuck and Amy!

Children Sermons

Our children sermons have become a vital part of our services.

All ages of “children” are welcomed each week!

Tricounty Family Ministries

Don’t forget, volunteers from St. Johannes meet the last Friday of each month from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at Cherokee Methodist Church on the corner of Rivers and Cosgrove Avenues in North Charleston. Contact Cynthia Mays for more information: (843) 478-2281 or cynlmays@gmail.com.

Security Precautions

For security reasons, Church Council has decided that during our Sunday worship service, the doors leading to the church’s restroom facilities will be kept locked. Those facilities will remain available to those attending the service. A council designee will remain at the back of the sanctuary to ensure access.