In the Lutheran Church, the Church Council is the group of lay members elected by their fellow parishioners to serve with the Pastor as the leadership and governing body of the Church. Through monthly and other special meetings, the Pastor and Church Council are responsible to set and oversee the vision of ministry for the Church, and to conduct the business of the Church as required by Canon or civil law. All committees, commissions, or other church groups and their ministries come under the oversight of the Church Council.
Church Council members are expected to….

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings of the Church Council (the 3rd Wednesday of every month)
  • Pray daily for the church and its ministry
  • Support and encourage the Pastor and Staff
  • Maintain responsible communication (which excludes gossip or hearsay) with the congregation
  • Participate in special events and gatherings of the parish as best as possible
  • Serve on one of the committees of the Church Council
  • Be a pledging member of the parish
  • As much as possible, be a visible participant in regular worship of the parish

2021 Church Council


President, Kay Winnett

Vice President, Robbin Mosier

Secretary, Lloyd Waitschies

Treasurer, Marc Williams


Executive Committee

Members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Pastor


Chair: Mary Lou Waitschies
Andy Hogue, Lynn Jenkinson, Susan Jennings and Kay Winnett; Sub-committees: Tom Pinckney, Joyce Pinckney, and Laura Bowers

Parish Life

Chair: Kirsten Hughes
Members: Robbin Mosier, Lloyd Waitschies, and Barbara Williams


Chair: Marc Williams
Susan Crocker, Cynthia Mays, Robbin Mosier (council liaison) and Barbara Williams; Parsonage Manager: Barbara Pace (ad hoc member)


Chair: Chuck Long
Jeff Boss, Andy Hogue, Joseph Ilgen and Barbara Pace; Sub-committee: Cynthia Mays

Rules and Procedures

Chair: Barbara Williams
Susan Crocker, Pedro Rivas and Marc Williams

Stewardship & Finance

Chair: Kay Winnett
Kathy Allison, Kirsten Hughes and Marc Williams

Worship Planning

Chair: Frank Campailla
Robbin Mosier and Jean Rivas; Pastor Rich and Sean Holleran (ad hoc members)